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Our homesearch approach

Hire a Dutch Brickx real estate agent to find you a home

Do you not have enough time to carry out the search for a suitable home yourself? Or do you want guidance from an experienced rental agent who will serve your interests? Dutch Brickx offers adequate leasing support. Our service-oriented real estate agents have a relevant network and knowledge of the regional rental market.

For homesearches Dutch Brickx combines its own offer with that of other brokers. We hereby represent the interests of you as a tenant.

The proces from our home search

If you, as a company or as a private individual, outsource your search for a suitable home to Dutch Brickx, the process will look like this:

- Acquaintance and compilation of your search profile. This can take place at a location as desired: the agency office, your office, hotel or Schiphol.

- Turning off your search profile at the brokers within the Dutch Brickx network. Here we screen the house conditions on the conditions you have set.

- Planning a viewing tour. Here we combine our portfolio with that of the other rental brokers.

- Viewing the homes, where als time is reserved to explore the living environment.

- Evaluation of viewings.

- Conducting the negotiations on rental price and other conditions on your behalf where we represent your interests.

- Drafting or checking the rental agreement for accuracy in your interest.

- Guiding the financial settlement.

- Guiding connecting energy, water and internet / TV supplier.

- Pay attention to correct delivery during the key transfer.

- Drafting an extensive inventory and inspection report with accompanying digital photo report. A copy will be sent to you digitally after delivery.

Before we start we ask you to send us:

- copy of a valid proof of identity; We need to see the original copy.

- A statement from you current landlord if you have previously rented

- Proof of your financial standing:

A. In salaried employment: Your employment contract, three pay slips and / or a recent employer's statement.

B. As an entrepreneur: Recent and original extract from the Chamber of Commerce and an original audit report

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